Brokenhearted Over the Nation

Habakkuk 1: 3-4, “Why dost thou shew me INIQUITY, and cause me to behold GRIEVANCE? for SPOILING and VIOLENCE are before me: and there are that raise up STRIFE and CONTENTION.

Therefore the law is slacked, and judgement doth never go forth: for the wicked doth compass about the righteous: therefore wrong judgement proceedeth.”

The wisest king who ever lived, King Solomon, concluded :

From today’s point of view, we could state the above truism in the following manner:

“Surely no other nation has witnessed this level of evil.” However, King Solomon declared that what [evil] that has been done will be repeated; and, it will be much like what has taken place in the past. When examining the traits of society from Habakkuk’s time with ours today, it is clear that, indeed, things are similar to the past:

GRIEVANCE- Causing uneasiness or complaint; affliction

SPOILING- Ruin, destruction, devastation

VIOLENCE- Violence, injustice, cruelty

STRIFE- Conflict, contention for superiority

CONTENTION- Discord, controversy

It is easy to draw a strong parallel between culture today and that of Judah and the ancient world surrounding it.

Furthermore, it was the wicked that surrounded the righteous; in other words, the people of God were completely surrounded by those who were hostile towards God and guilty of terrible sins. Because of this, wrong (twisted, crooked, distorted) justice was carried out in the land; and, as noted in the last post, the people tolerated heinous acts by way of corruption in their judicial system.

Despite all these things, we will discover in the book of Habakkuk reassuring and unchanging traits of God that will sustain us even through the most trying of circumstances.