Brokenhearted Over Evil

Have you ever been brokenhearted over the evil we see around us? The prophet Habakkuk was so distraught about the evil within his country of Judah as well as the threatening rise of their enemy—the Babylonians—from without, that he cried out to God about it repeatedly and for a long time (see Habakkuk 1:2). According to the literal Hebrew meaning of “cry,” his cries were probably shouted audibly and were full of tearful emotional pain. The truth is, if we love the Lord, we will also—as Psalm 8: 13 teaches—hate evil. That is, believers who love our righteous God, will be greatly concerned and disturbed by the unrighteousness in the world.

We can easily gather from the scriptures that Habakkuk was witnessing plenty of troubles all around: violence, stealing, contention, lawlessness, and injustice to name a few. One commentary notes that the peoples’ hearts were focused on material success rather than living by God’s laws, which were fair and humane. They were wicked—“they committed and tolerated heinous acts through corruption of the courts.” There seems to be a clear parallel between their ancient corrupt society and what we are witnessing today in our fallen world. The good news is, we can gain great insight on how to handle current trying times by gleaning wisdom from Habakkuk’s questioning exchange with the Lord.

In the next few posts, we will explore the book of Habakkuk more closely to glean these wise lessons.