Break the Bronze Serpent Into Pieces

Did you realize that the Israelites kept the bronze serpent Moses made and regarded it as object of worship long after the account in Numbers 21:6-9? Furthermore, we learn in 2 Kings 18 that King Hezekiah gave it a name—Nehushtan, meaning “piece of brass” or “the brass thing.” Most likely, Hezekiah wanted to emphasize to the people that it was simply a powerless piece of brass despite the fact that it had been associated with healing and deliverance in their past. As with every detail included in God’s word, there is something of value to be gained by examining it more closely with thorough and prayerful exploration; then, undoubtedly, wisdom can be gained and applied for our benefit today.

During the time of Moses, when the Lord ordained the brazen serpent for healing, the people greatly benefited; however, the instruction to look at the serpent on the pole for deliverance was an instruction only for that time and place.

Later in Israel’s history, Hezekiah broke the “brass thing” to pieces because the children of Israel had made it into an idol.

In the next post, we will discover how these incidents can speak to our lives today…