Break the Bronze Serpent into Pieces- Part 2

The children of Israel had preserved the brazen serpent, which Moses had fashioned according to God’s instruction, and made it into an idol—an object of their worship. In the time of Moses, the Israelites were healed and delivered from their plight when they looked upon the serpent on the pole. Perhaps the children of Israel who lived in Hezekiah’s time believed they could obtain the same benefit of miraculous healing—after all, if it worked for their ancestors, then surely it would work for them. Not only did they look upon it, they burned incense and began to worship it—they did not acknowledge that the bronze serpent of Moses had no power, it was just a “bronze thing”, and that the miraculous power to heal and restore had come from the Lord and no other.

We know today that the brazen serpent Moses lifted up on a pole pointed to the cross of Jesus, the time when He would be lifted up for our benefit. And thus, it is Jesus that we need to look to first and foremost in all things.

But regardless of our knowledge of this prophetic truth, what if we—like the children of Israel—still find ourselves looking to the “bronze thing” at times in our lives. In other words, when we continue to look to something or someone as a source of benefit instead of going back to our primary and supreme source—Jesus Christ—we in effect make them idols. For example: We may have experienced great benefit through jobs that brought promotion and financial independence to us; so then do these characteristics of a “good” career become our guide as to what jobs we accept, without diligently seeking the Lord in the matter? The lesson hopefully to be gained is this: It is needful to be aware that good things and good people can become as idols in our lives when we look to them instead of the Lord for our ultimate guidance, provision, and deliverance.