Blinded to Blessing

Yesterday, I determined to use ‘earned dollars’ at a local retail store despite the fact that I had already had a very challenging and tiring morning. Because I had a limited time to use the credit, I was determined to find something that day so I would not need to return to town, a 30 minute commute. About 30 or 40 minutes after entering the store, I was beginning to grow frustrated; additionally, my leg muscles were aching (I had been on my feet for hours before I reached the store) and I began to feel weak and nauseated…it was well past lunch ; ). There was nothing in the entire store that I connected to whatsoever; I finally threw in the towel and left exhausted.

That evening, it occurred to me that a sweater I had seen in the store was the exact style and color that I had been searching for—I couldn’t believe I had left without it after all the time and energy I had expended. Just a few hours earlier, I had been certain there was nothing I could possibly settle for to redeem my dollars, and yet now I was concerned the ‘perfect sweater’ would likely be gone by the next day. A verse from my 5/7/23 post about seeking God’s kingdom first immediately came to mind, and then I recalled a verse prior to it that was totally relevant and instructive to my situation:

Immediately everything came into perspective: the expiring dollars, the sweater, the time and effort already expended, did not merit any concern. My husband and I took a walk the next morning and leisurely stopped for coffee and a snack. I decided we could go by the store very quickly and see if the sweater was still there; if not, I had decided towels were a good practical second choice. The sweater was there; and, I found two other items that were also things I had been on the lookout for. It all added up to almost the exact amount of my earned dollars.

It is amazing to me that exhaustion and a negative attitude had blinded me to these small blessings. While the entire situation might seem minor and trifling, the lesson was definitely valuable: God’s word is always relevant and, if taken to heart and obeyed, will lift any situation—whether major or minor—into the proper perspective, enabling an outcome that is pleasing to the Lord.

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