Be Anxious for Nothing

According to the verse above, there is nothing we should ever worry or be anxious about; and, this is true for every situation! Recently, I have wrestled with a situation that I confess had bothered me; in fact, I caught myself worrying about it to the point there were a few sleepless nights. I remembered that without a doubt God had always been faithful and good; He had provided all of my needs…yet the nature of this particular problem had stirred unreasonable anxiety in my mind. When I snapped this photo while traveling in the mountains, the Lord seemed to speak into my heart that my situation could be visualized in this way:

The entire cliff was solid rock; yet the continual dripping of a tiny ribbon of water had made a small pool in the stone beneath. It became clear as I contemplated the astonishing power of the seemingly insignificant amount of water, that it was its unrelenting drip that was wearing away the rock.

Similarly, my anxiety was constantly in the back of my mind, “dripping” and wearing on my faith. And so, I took to heart Philippians 4:6-7 and petitioned the Lord with my requests concerning my situation. I also thanked God for His faithfulness and provision for me in the past. I gave thanksgiving to Him for always being true to His promises, and for the fact that He had continually cared for me.

It has become my firm intention to be as relentless in prayer as the dripping of that tiny ribbon of water whenever anxiety begins to erode my thoughts and wear away at my faith. As a result—according to God’s promise in Philippians 4:7—I know that I can experience and abide in the peace of God whatever comes my way and however/whenever the Lord chooses to answer my petition.

“Let God’s promises shine on your problems.” -Corrie ten Boom

4 Replies to “Be Anxious for Nothing”

  1. I am amazed at the lack of comments to your blog. There is so much to get from it and responses from readers could help someone. God continue to bless you!!

  2. I always read this verse as I would be at peace because God would give me what I wanted. But, now I see that I can have peace however He chooses to answer my request!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Barbara! It is also easier for me to be at peace when I know God will answer in a way that will turn out for the greatest good.

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