“Ask God”

Recently and very unexpectedly I discovered a hidden gem in a unique, locally owned restaurant while visiting family. On the wall hung a large sign titled “Ask God” that contained astounding nuggets of wisdom and spiritual understanding expressed as brief prayers. In a short series of posts, I hope to share some of the brief prayers with you, and then explore a few of the spiritual insights to be gained from them. The first prayer listed was:

I asked God to take away my pride. God said, “No, it’s not for me to take it away, but for you to give it up.”

The Scriptures contain many references to pride; in fact, the pride of life is one of three basic types of sin:

So now we need to ask the question, “How can I effectively give up my pride?”

The Bible confirms that, yes, we are commanded to humble ourselves. By doing this, God will be our perfect Promoter.

HUMBLE: To make meek and submissive to God’s divine will; lower ourselves in our own estimation.

[STAYING UNDER] the MIGHTY HAND OF GOD: Faithfully obeying the Lord and not running away from what He is trying to accomplish in and through us.

The Holy Spirit will help us in our endeavor to be submissive to God’s will rather than our will, and to faithfully obey Him no matter how it affects us personally. John 16:13 explains that the Spirit will lead us in to all truth…we need to be able to truthfully examine ourselves regarding the often subtle ways we operate in pride. John 16:8 teaches that the Holy Spirit will convict us of sin…our pride is a major area where sin can manifest in our lives. With enabling from the Spirit, we will be able to “give up” the pride that interferes with receiving spiritual blessing and becoming more like Christ.