A Verse to Live By

Proverbs 19:23, ” The fear of the Lord tends to life: and he that has it shall abide satisfied; he shall not be visited with evil.”

A great way to read the book of Proverbs is to read a chapter for each day of the month— for example, read chapter 20 on say, November 20th. Although I have read through the book in this manner many times, I was particularly led recently to read Proverbs 19:23 on a day in which it was used to address my every concern that morning. The words are packed with meaning that contribute to the astounding application I discovered for my life:

  • “Fear”- Reverence; honor or respect felt or shown; honor/respect mixed with love and awe.
  • “Tend”– To move or develop one’s course in a particular direction; show tendency or inclination.
  • “Abide”– Remain; continue
  • Satisfied”– Content
  • “Visited”- Come upon
  • Evil” – Affliction; adversity; harm; wickedness

Once I took the meanings into account, the Holy Spirit counseled me in my heart that choosing to honor and respect (“fear”) the Lord at all times no matter what has happened is the necessary first step in moving and developing (“tend”) my life in the right direction. If I can continue to remain in His love for me and my love for Him (“abide”), then I will be filled and contented (“satisfied”) in life. Furthermore– and this is a huge benefit– affliction and adversity from the Adversary (“evil”) will not come upon and overtake me!