A Secret For Contentment

A frequent habit of mine is to sit in our gazebo on pleasant mornings. On one such occasion, I sensed the beauty of nature even more than usual…”God’s nature” as our daughter used to say. A mole had burrowed along our lawn. A red-headed woodpecker groomed a pine tree from destructive insects while little wrens pecked the ground and happily flew from tree to tree. Bees buzzed loudly. The setting was so inspiring, I even envisioned earthworms secretly helping to fertilize my veggies.

When I contemplated the mole, the dull brown birds, and least of all the earthworm, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was fair for these outwardly insignificant creatures to be assigned such thankless tasks. It appeared to me that the eagles that soar above all, or the lions that sit atop the food chain were more highly favored; yet, the little birds seemed to be free and happy, and the bees’ buzzing sounded joyful.



It occurred to me that all of these creatures, both great and small, had an important aspect in common that could be a metaphorical example for humanity:

They followed their instincts and used what God had given them with no thought about other animals who were created differently. Of course, these creatures could not willfully choose to compare themselves in the way that humans tend to do. Unwittingly, they remain true to their appointed tasks and function in harmony with the whole of nature.

By instinct of nature, the wren does not consider the eagle. The worm does not compare himself to the lion. They are “contented” with their allotted function, whether it is greater or whether it is less glorious. Mankind on the other hand, can choose to compare themselves with others and may grow either proud or discontented; and, it is not wise to do so. A secret to true contentment is to be satisfied and thankful for the gifts and talents God has bestowed; yet at the same time, never limit what the Lord might choose to do through His children: