A King Like No Other- Part 3

The second way Kind Josiah turned to the Lord was with all of his soul. It is widely accepted that the soul is a person’s mind, will, and emotions.

In 2 Kings 23: 1-3, we learn that Josiah made a covenant before God that involved submitting his soul—his will, emotions, and mind—to the will of the Lord. He gathered all the people of Judah and Jerusalem to the house of the Lord and read to them all the book of the covenant, after which he made a renewal of the covenant:

Josiah understood that Judah needed to put God’s will before their own; and, the scriptures contained and revealed His will. Therefore, the covenant Josiah made along with the people was a solemn commitment to “perform the words of this covenant” (v. 3).

May we as believers today take the actions of Josiah to heart and determine (covenant) to follow the Lord by keeping His commandments and carrying out His will with all of our hearts and souls.