A King Like No Other- Part 2

As we have read, King Josiah loved the Lord with all of his heart, soul, and might. In the next few posts, we will highlight examples from biblical accounts that clearly demonstrated these traits in King Josiah.

First, we are told that King Josiah loved the Lord with all of his heart: We read in 2 Kings 22 that King Josiah began a massive restoration of the house of the Lord out of reverence and love for Him, because it was the sacred place the Lord had chosen for His name. Furthermore, Josiah demonstrated a profound love and respect for God’s word. In fact, after the book of the law was discovered during the restoration of the temple and read to Josiah, he rent his clothes—he realized and understood the extent to which their fathers had not obeyed God’s law.

In those times, renting clothes was a sign of extreme emotional distress. King Josiah loved the Lord with all of his heart to the point he could not bear the disrespect and disregard that had been shown toward God’s word and temple. He was also distraught because he learned that the people’s idol worship and evil practices would bring God’s severe judgement—they had been woefully disobedient to the Word of God.

A question we would do well to consider is whether we hold the Scriptures in the same high regard as King Josiah; are they precious to us because they are God’s words—His precious gift to us? Do we obey His commands with all our hearts out of love for Him?