A King Like No Other- Conclusion

The third way King Josiah turned to the Lord was with all of his might, as recorded in 2 Kings 23:25. The magnitude of devotion displayed in Judah’s celebration of Passover which Josiah proclaimed after he had made the covenant before the Lord, demonstrated clearly that they celebrated mightily with gratitude:

Perhaps the most concrete demonstration of Josiah’s godly might was his thorough and complete cleansing of Judah and the people from idolatrous worship and the instruments of such evil worship. 2 Kings 23 describes in detail the extent to which King Josiah carried out his quest to return the people to the one true God. The factor that set his efforts apart from other kings is that he left nothing and no one that could compromise their repentance.

Are we willing to tear down thoroughly and completely the compromises in our lives that we know are not pleasing to God, nor are they in His will for us? I pray that I will—with the fervor of Josiah and with the power of the Holy Spirit—walk with the Lord with all of my heart, soul, and strength.