A Final Lesson From My Garden- Grace and Redemption

Psalm 34:8: “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good.”

Later. as I was doing laundry, I Heard a rattle from the knob on the front door. Expecting my husband, I quickly opened the door; instead I found my next door neighbor (who was on her way to work) hastily hanging a plastic bag on the knob. I quickly peered into the bag as she said, “I brought you some cucumbers.” I responded with genuine delight, “They are my favorite!” “Oh,” she said, “you will really like these; they are so good.”

I was immediately struck by the grace and mercy of God. He actually cared about such a small matter; He always provides what we need and shows His love in many ways. And, despite my failings, the Lord used my neighbor’s generosity to carry out His blessing to an undeserving child. Indeed, God showed Himself strong in my weakness. I firmly believed, as I enjoyed my long-awaited sandwich that afternoon, that those cucumbers were far sweeter than any that might have grown on my vine.