A Father’s Influence

Recently, as I was continuing to make my way through the Old Testament, I picked up on a tidbit about King David and his son Solomon’s relationship. While my impression may not necessarily be completely accurate, I believe what I found might have been extremely important in Solomon’s life; in fact, it may have been life-changing.

In 1 Chronicles 22: 11-16, King David gave a charge to his son Solomon who was to inherit David’s throne; within that charge David bestowed a blessing upon Solomon:

Later we learn in 2 Chronicles 22:7-12 that when the Lord gave Solomon the opportunity to ask for whatever he desired for himself as king, Solomon requested wisdom and knowledge. This request greatly pleased the Lord, and so God also granted him riches, wealth, and honor such as no king before or after would ever experience. The life-changing course of Solomon’s reign was set due to his humble request that was—I believe—rooted in his father David’s blessing over him:

We would do well to never underestimate the power of godly blessing spoken over our children. Who can know if with those words, their hearts might be humbled, encouraged, and turned toward the Lord?